Thinking of buying?

If it was just about writing the contract your lawyer could do it. Buying an acreage, farm, ranch, equestrian estate, or horse facility can be a complicated venture. Here are some questions to ask before you jump in.

  • How are you going to find the “perfect” property?
  • When you do find it, how do you know there isn’t a better one right around the corner?
  • How can you be sure there are no hidden problems with the property that will cause you grief in the future?
  • Is the property worth what you’re paying for it?
  • If you had the services of an experienced negotiator, could you get a better deal?
  • If you’re buying a property to run a business or as an investment, can you calculate your Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Cash-Flow Before and After Taxes (CFBT & CFAT), Net Present Value (NPV), and Cap Rate? What do these numbers mean?
  • And finally, how many hours and days are you willing to spend researching insurance, zoning, infrastructure, building costs, drainage, septic systems, water wells, ring footing, income statements, expense reports, employee costs, building quality, easements, rights of way, Site Profiles, Property Disclosure Statements, riparian rights, creek setbacks, development bylaws, and feasibility studies?

All of these questions and more are ones that I answer every day. Selling equestrian estates, farms, ranches, and horse facilities is my full-time profession. My promise to you is to find you a property that meets your requirements, to help you negotiate the best deal possible, to look after your best interests above all others, and to know everything I can about the product we sell. If I don’t know the answer, I know someone who does.

So how am I going to find you the “perfect” property? As you may have already noticed, I specialize exclusively in exactly the type of property you’re looking for. Every single day I review all new listings throughout south-western British Columbia to find the ones that would best be suited for equestrian purposes. While the computer does help me to narrow down the search, I actually sort through all of these by hand and load them onto my website. This means that am at least peripherally aware of every single one of the hundreds of equestrian estates, farms, ranches, and horse facilities posted on the MLS System®. If you let me know that you’re looking, I will keep you in mind any time I find something new that becomes available.

If you are interested in a few specific properties, there’s a good chance I have already seen them. Obviously, because I am both a life-long horse person and have spent the majority of my 20+ years of real estate sales experience specializing exclusively in horse facilities, farms, ranches, and equestrian estates, at some point or another I have already seen many of the properties out there. I may be able to save you a lot of time.

But how do I know there isn’t something better right around the corner? Maybe there is, but the chances are I know about it. There may be a property that was listed for sale all of last year and has now expired from the MLS®, but I know that they are still interested in selling. And properties that are operated as a business often choose not to publicly advertise that they are for sale for fear of losing their customers. I stay on top of all of these things – it’s my livelihood.

I also know what isn’t listed on the market. I come from an equestrian family going back generations. I attend, sponsor, and even organize equestrian events throughout the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley, and on Vancouver Island. Among my many other connections, I am the Official Real Estate Agent to Thunderbird Show Park. I am well known, well respected, well connected, and I know the “players” in the equestrian world. It may be the case that the perfect property for you is not currently for sale – that the owners hadn’t even thought about selling. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t consider it if approached in the right way.

I believe in “friendly competition” with other equestrian real estate agents throughout British Columbia. I make sure they know right away about all of my new properties for sale, and they ensure that I know about theirs – often before they are listed, and even the ones that never make it to MLS®. If I know what you are looking for ahead of time, there’s a good chance I could give you the chance to buy it long before anyone else knows it’s even available.

Are there any problems with the property you choose that you should know about? Before buying an acreage you should receive, understand, and review a Property Disclosure Statement and a Site Profile. But there are also plenty of other things you need to check. As your real estate agents, it is my responsibility to let you know about all of these things, and to make sure you understand all of it. I also know what problems commonly occur, and how to check for them. My years of experience, training, and checklists ensure that nothing is ever forgotten. Don’t forget, when I work for you as a Buyer, my job is not to “sell the property” – my responsibility is to represent your best interests.

I am an experienced negotiator, and am extensively familiar with the type of property you are buying, and the region in which you are purchasing. Even if I weren’t involved in a particular sale, I have followed the history of every single equestrian estate, farm, ranch, and horse facility in that market area. I know what each property is worth, and when I work for you, it is my duty to tell you what I know. Put my knowledge and negotiation skills to work for you!

I have an extensive array of knowledge and tools for the investor or prospective business owner. If you are considering running an equestrian facility or farm as a business, you will want to talk to me. Through our industry contacts, I have been granted access to confidential figures from all types of actual equestrian businesses. Additionally, I have the skills gained from many years of industry experience in working with developers, businesses, and developments. This helps me to analyze each investment or purchase, as it specifically applies to your situation, to help you determine things like feasibility, your Return On Investment (ROI), proceeds on a future sale, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and annual or monthly Cash Flow Analysis.

I work hard for your business. I firmly believe that those who appreciate the service I offer will choose to take advantage of my extensive market knowledge when buying or selling their property.